KLOSBUNECKÝ is an architecture office based in Switzerland and in the Czech Republic, headed byDipl. Arch. ETH Daniel Klos and Ing. arch. Radek Brunecký.

KLOSBRUNECKÝ is a young international architecture office based in Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

We offer services in in the field of architecture and urbanism on a large variety of scales and typologies;
from light objects, furniture and interior design, to houses and residential objects, public and cultural
buildings, to office, administration and commercial buildings, healthcare and sports facilities, to industrial
facilities and complete urban studies or masterplans.

Our services include general consulting, preliminary project‐ and feasibility studies, project analysis and
preparation (conceptual design), architectural and urban studies, documentations for planning and
construction permissions, construction plans, tender documentation and construction supervision.

2. WHO WE ARE (history, partners, company name)

Founding partners Daniel Klos (*1980, Zurich) and Radek Brunecký (*1982, Brno) studied architecture at ETH
Zurich and VUT Brno respectively. Almost ten years ago, they met each other in Rotterdam.
The two have studied and worked with a number of the world’s leading contemporary architects, including:
Jean Nouvel (Paris), OMA/Rem Koolhaas and Maurice Nio (Rotterdam), SeARCH (Amsterdam), Herzog & de
Meuron (ETH studio Basel), Berrel Berrel Kräutler, e2a and Christian Kerez (Zurich).
Daniel Klos holds the title of MSc ETH in architecture. Radek Brunecký holds the title Ing. arch. in the field
“architecture and urban design”. He is also a member of the Czech board of architecture and authorised
architect (CKA 4157)

Today, Daniel and Radek like to implement their considerable combined knowledge and experience in a handson
approach to every project. They are inspired by rapidly changing phenomena in contemporary culture, the
development of international architecture as well as the tradition of great Czech architects and artists, both at
home and abroad.

The name KLOSBRUNECKÝ is intentionally written without space, hyphen or ‘and’. It is a new word. For when
we work together, the result is neither one nor the other. It is a combination of both, a completely new thing.
Neither one of us is KLOSBRUNECKÝ, KLOSBRUNECKÝ is what we do.

3. DESIGNING AND BUILDING (“philosophy”)

A central motif of our work is context. This is not to be confused with the trendy, yet often merely cosmetic
visual adaptation and subordination to the buildings in the nearest vicinity of the site. An in‐depth dealing with
context requires a profound analysis and synthesis of the specific conditions of each individual project. This
process includes aspects that are functional, formal, technological, economic, legal, ecologic, sensual, social,
cultural and so on. While firmly rooted in knowledge and education, we ultimately strive to discover,
understand and add positively to the contemporary condition. To find and use the ultimate potential of the
very now and here in each project is what really excites us.

While an individual theoretical base is indispensable in a time of fluid values, what really counts in the end is
what you build. You cannot talk, if you cannot make it happen. As architects, we can only succeed in close
cooperation and good relationship with you, our clients and in respect and real interest for your specific needs,
including your budget. We assist you from the first idea to the finished building. We believe in a strong
collaboration between architects, specialists, suppliers, public authorities ‐ anyone involved in the building
process. In this field of synergy, it is possible to develop solutions that are truly specific: original and often
unexpected, of high architectural quality, integral awareness and sustainability.


In Czech Republic KLOSBRUNECKÝ have recently built the restaurant Velorex in Brno and are currently working on several new projects,
among them two completely new villas and an extension to an existing villa in Brno and an exhibition in

Under the label Atelier Brunecký, we also provide professional architecture visualizations and architectural
photography for a number of clients in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Among the academic works, there is “Yugoslav Architecture under Tito” a film on modern architecture in the
countries of former Yugoslavia and “Antonín Raymond for Beginners”, a book on the life and works of great
Czech architect Antonín Raymond, the founder of modern architecture in Japan. Currently, preparations are
underway for an international exhibition to be held at Czech Republic’s leading architecture institution,
Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, in Prague in 2015.